What Clients Expect When Using Contractors For Building Cleans

Not just anyone can undertake building cleans. These excursions are sensitive and important given the need to remove waste, to remove hazards and to ensure a clean and safe working environment for all members. This is a chance to look at the expectations that are placed on outlets as they demonstrate their credentials to interested parties.

Clear Parameters of Operation

There are distinct options when it comes to clients using the services of building cleans. From those that undertake commercial cleaning programs on a regular basis around the premises at selected intervals to those that arrive following a project development or construction work, there are unique cleaning requirements for both ends of the spectrum. Clients will expect that the provider is clear about what they do and how they do it for respective community members.

Up Front Quoting

A key client expectation that will be placed on providers of building cleans will be their capacity to quote up front and to ensure that their prices are competitive based on industry standards. Commercial parties know that they can only budget so much for these ventures and this will place the emphasis on teams and organisations that don’t set themselves at too high of a premium price. It will also be important to determine how often they are scheduled and if there are any internal cleaning measures that can help to lower the price where possible.

Flexible Cleaning Plan

Building cleans

What might start out as a general wipe down and removal of rubbish can transition to other elements as well with building cleans. From the glass panels that need to be protected to vacuuming of floors, removal of hazardous materials and beyond, the greater the flexibility with the provider, the more confidence that clientele will have in their expertise. The best way to gauge this level of flexibility is to open a discussion and see what they are open to.

Certification & Accreditation Provided

The health and safety requirements means that outsourced parties undertaking building cleans will need to be examined in detail. Do they provide the requisite accreditation? Are they linked with affiliates and associations? Can they provide a copy of their license on request? Clients who are doing their due diligence on this count are likely to go that extra mile and ensure that they have a contractor that is insured and accountable.

Sufficient Cleaning Resources

Contractors that run and operate building cleans have to arrive with a sufficient level of resources to carry out the task. This begins with numbers of personnel. It extends to vehicles. It involves heavy duty cleaning chemicals, vacuums, blowers, disposal bins and other equipment and utilities that make the job seamless and efficient. So long as there is scope to cover every base across every piece of the building, then it will be a worthwhile project to undertake.

Fast Response Time & First-Class Communication

Building operators who are overseeing cleaning projects should be responsive to client requests, affording them enough time to survey the market and engage people who will offer them more information on the subject. Once an initial phone call, email or message has been made, it is important to see how quick they are to respond and if they offer solutions in due course. Experiencing delays and waiting on a response will leave clients rightfully frustrated and looking for alternatives.


It is fair to apply the same standards across the board when it comes to contractors who oversee building cleans. These environments need to be protected when it comes to health and safety of members while the brand image is also under scrutiny. Reach out to providers and open up a discussion to see who answers the call.