The Best Chocolates Found In The British Sweet Shop

The British sweet shops holds are dear place in the child of all of us. Candy is such a worldly treasure offering the best delights for anyone who has a little taste of the treat. There are many incredible kinds of lollies and chocolates to choose from ranging from Galaxy, Cadbury, and many more. They don’t do chocolate quite like in Europe. We’re going to something on the sugary side of things by listing out some of the finest and beloved candies offered by a local British sweet shop. Let’s unveil the wrapper, this will be a definitely be a good treat!


Aero is next on the list of the best chocolates you can find in the British sweet shop. This is because of it’s unique inside gift. Bubbles! Anyone who is a fan of air and crackling textures will fall in love with this treat. Who knew chocolate-eating could be fun? One taste and you’ll feel like love is in the Aer-o!

Double Decker

Different from the coveted bus, a Double Decker found in the British sweet shop offers an interesting taste to the classic chocolate, adding nougat and cereal in the mix making you feel like you’re having breakfast and camping all at once. With the range of different ingredients, this offers a variety of textures creating a party in your mouth. Take the next stop at your local British sweet shop to find this wonderful treat on the shelves. You’ll never want to deck away from these chocolates.


Woman stopping by in a British sweet shop

Here’s a chocolate that isn’t fake, or should we say flake? It has a texture that is unique and different from the other treats in the British sweet shop, with it’s flaky and log like appearance. One of Cadbury’s finest, Flake offers a quality that just melts in your mouth as soon as you pop it in. You will find yourself happy to enjoy this beautiful treat. Whether you are a believer in chocolate that has an interesting crunch to it, then you will love this chocolate.


Galaxy is a crowd favourite among the choices of the best chocolates the United Kingdom has to offer. This chocolate originated in the UK in the 60’s and is still today one of the most beloved treats in the country. It is known as the nation’s second best chocolate after Cadbury. Originally called Dove, not like the soap, this chocolate just hits the right spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. It is one of the most treasured items found in the British Sweet Shop, and with this chocolate you can’t beat them.


Lion reminds us of the classic Picnic. Compare the two by going to a British sweet shop to see the difference. It is a combination of two different kinds of treats with its inclusion of puffed rice cereal, wafer and caramel. They say it combines the idea of kit kat and 100 grand bar. This has birthed into an amazing treat, perfect for an afternoon snack to a dessert. By finding this in a British sweet shop, you can enjoy all the goodness of this beloved UK treat.


The British sweet shop version of Tim Tams, penguins come from the sister country of Glasgow, Scotland. Making its way to UK shores in the early 1930’s, it was a beloved chocolate biscuit known for its cute designs and facts included in the wrapper. This chocolate led to the existence of Australia’s favourite treat, Tim Tams, which is known as one of the finest chocolate biscuits. There have been debates whether which one is better than the other. Make your choice by going to a British sweet shop to find this chocolate covered goodness.