How To Buy Glass Water Pipes Online

Whether you’re planning to purchase glass water pipes online for the very first time or you’re in desperate need of the newest, trendiest model; we know it can be intimidating to buy online. Purchasing anything online can be challenging, it can be nerve-wracking selecting something when you haven’t seen it in person and this is especially true for glass water pipes, but luckily, we have some great tips to help you make the right choice.

Check out our handy guide below on buying glass water pipes online, it includes a number of the questions that you should ask yourself and things you should consider.

What substances are you planning to use?

Group of people smoking using glass water pipes

One of the first things you should think about before making a purchase online is what substance you plan to use, or what you smoke most often. Different glass water pipes are suited to different purposes. Do you for instance prefer concentrates or are you going to use dried herbs? Glass water pipes can be used for both types of substances but different designs will be better than others depending on what you prefer.

If you like to use dried herbs than you will need to invest in a bowl with your glass water pipes so that your herbs can be smoked. Concentrates on the other hand usually require a design that includes a stem and nail.

Do you need a percolator?

A lot of beginners or even old school users of glass water pipes don’t really know what percolators are. They are basically there to filter your smoke, resulting in a cleaner hit. They can help to remove some of the dangerous toxins associated with smoking and will cool down the smoke that you inhale which can make it feel smother. Most glass water pipes you come across online nowadays will include a percolator. You can usually also opt to add other related accessories which can enhance your smoking experience. If you prefer concentrates you might not need a percolator as they usually create less combustion and smoke and a usually a smoother hit without being filtered. Smoking devices made for concentrates are usually smaller.

What size do I need?

When thinking about the size of the device you are going to purchase you should think about how you plan to use them. Smoking devices come in all different sizes and shapes, from large, artistic collectors’ devices to small, discreet pipes designed for easy outside transport. Think about whether you plan to travel with your smoking device or if it’s just for home use. There are benefits and advantages to whatever size you choose. Larger smoking devices or bongs for instance will usually command a bigger price tag but often deliver a smoother, more enjoyable hit. On the other hand, they can be easier to break and it’s difficult to take them anywhere. Smaller devices may be more suitable for users who don’t have a big lung capacity and are often much more affordable and transportable.

What’s my budget?

There are some great deals that can be found online when shopping for a new smoking utensil, you just need to know where to look. Generally, it’s a good idea to stick to reputable brands and providers. Look for reviews online if you’re not sure about a company’s reputation. It’s a good idea to look into things like their delivery and returns policy. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, ask questions! Good suppliers will be happy to answer your questions, it’s part of good customer service – if they’re not then steer clear!