Tips To Be A Great Leader In Business

When you lead an organization, you have to lead by example. To make sure your company flourishes, you have to make sure that you lead like, well a leader! While some are born leaders, leadership need not be something that’s an inherent quality – you can learn from your experiences, as time passes by – to be a great leader, one that’s loved by all! So we’ve got a few tips you can consider on your quest to polish the leader in you:

  • Set an example:
    If you want your employees to come in on time and be punctual every day, don’t expect them to follow the rule unless you yourself follow it! And leading by example doesn’t apply only to this, but to a host of other things in an organization. If you want to get something done – a rule to be followed by all, a decision to be implemented and accepted by all – it all begins with you!


  • Give credit:
    Most of the times employees keep cribbing and complaining that they don’t receive due credits for the effort they put in. Most don’t even get attributed to the collective successes of the company, despite putting their whole and soul into it! Don’t be a boss who isn’t ready to give credit to employees for their efforts and successes – in fact, learn to share credit. Your employees will thrive on such praise and will be surely motivated to work harder.



  • Be a team player and team leader:
    You don’t have to exercise authority and control over your employees when you’re directing them. You have to be a team player first, only then will you gain their confidence – enough for you to lead them successfully. Your team doesn’t require someone hounding over their heads all day long – so take it easy and exercise your control only when essential.



  • Exude confidence:
    No one likes a leader who lacks self-confidence. A leader has to be like one – bold, with a brazen and daring attitude. You need to have your confidence levels up at all times – that’s how you win the faith of your team and employees. The way you project and portray yourself definitely has an impact on the people around you – so make sure you work on it.


Being a leader is no easy task – while the people you are leading have only one job – following your directions and instructions, you have a greater responsibility – get the work done as well as handle your team. And when times get tough, remember why you were chosen to lead – it’s because you have something in you which everyone else doesn’t!