Creative Ways To Save Space In Your Home

Over the years we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, and while a spring clean can work to get rid of some of this junk, sometimes we just don’t like to part with the things we have accumulated over the years. You only have so much space in your home, and if you live in an apartment, then you really don’t have that much space to work with.

This is why people need to start getting more creative in order to save some extra space. De-cluttering is great because it makes your space look a lot better and could also help to ease the mind. It is important not just to keep shoving things into the wardrobe until it explodes but find proper ways to store things and save space.

So, have a red on below at some creative ways to save space in you home that you may not have thought of before:

Find Headboard With Storage

One of the most important things you need in your home is a bed! Where else are you going to sleep? If you are looking for a new bed, or desperate for more space in your home, then finding a new headboard for your bed with storage built-in, is a good way to go.

Add Hooks To The Back Of Your Cupboard

One of the things that people accumulate the most over time is clothes, and this means a very full cupboard. So any way to get that little bit more space is usually well received! Well if you pop hooks at the back of your cupboard, it gives you even more hanging space for whatever you would like to hang.

Use Draw Organisers

Pretty much every household has “that” draw. It’s the draw that is filled with “important stuff” but you can’t really find anything in there, because there are so many things in there. Getting yourself a draw organiser will help separate the items and make sure you are able to find things a lot easier.

Look Into Fold Up Wall Beds

best fold up wall beds

The best fold up wall beds are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially in small studio apartments. At the end of the day, you need a place to sleep, but may not necessarily have the room for it, and this is where a fold up wall bed will come in handy.

Install Shelf Above Doors

Think about it, there is a lot of empty space above the door to your bedroom, for example. If you install a shelf above the door, you have more room to put things like towels, clothes or sheets there.

Find Bed With Draws

There are many different bed frames to choose from, if you are looking for a new bed frame then consider one with draws already built in. At the very least get a bed frame that has space under the bottom, so you can use that space to put things under your bed.

Buy Laundry Basket That Can Hang From Door

Laundry baskets tend to be very bulky items that take up a lot of space, but these days you can purchase a laundry basket that you can hang from the back of a door. This means you are taking up a lot less floor space for things that are more important than your dirty clothes!

Install Shelves Along Bedroom Wall

Right around the parameter of your bedroom, you could install a shelf. Make sure it is high enough that it doesn’t get in the way, but not too high that you can’t reach the things that are up there.