Quirky Technological Innovations

Technology is growing rapidly, at a pace which even humans are finding hard to keep up with! Big and small technological innovations keep coming up every day –the gravity of impact of these innovations varies, some innovations genuinely benefit masses, while some make us all wonder – is it even worth the effort? Here are some quirky innovations which did manage to raise eyebrows and ruffle some feathers too! Let’s have a look:


  • The ping-pong door:
    Because who has space in their tiny apartments to accommodate a full-sized ping-pong table in there? This is a perfect innovation for the lovers of this indoor sport! The door can be made horizontal the moment you’re in a mood to play ping-pong and can be straightened up the minute you want to close the door and withdraw in your cocoon! Isn’t this fun?


  • Corner frames:
    These indeed came in as a refreshing change – those old frames, suited only for straight walls were quickly replaced by this trend of corner frames, which became an instant hit with interior decorators, designers and people all across the world! If you manage to get the perfect frame to accentuate that empty corner in your home, do it! You even get 3D versions which have an impressive look!


  • Wearable sleeping bag:
    Why lug around a sleeping bag when you can wear it and roam around the campsite? This innovation came in as a big relief for trekkers, hikers and campers all the same – who were fed up of carrying the sleeping bags around! An apt solution for all those adrenaline- rush seekers, this bag is light and equally warm and comfortable too!




  • The Dog-brella:
    Your pet requires his deserved protection from the rains too – which is why a genius came up with this superb model – a dog umbrella which works as both a leash and an umbrella for your darling! Easily manageable, you can hold your umbrella in one hand and the dog-brella in another!


  • Piano Doorbell:
    For all the music lovers and haters of the same old doorbells, you will definitely jump in at this idea! Your guests or as a matter of fact, even you – won’t be ringing the bell; they’ll be playing it! Isn’t this a fun, out of the box idea? Not only will your guests be amused, but you too will have a nice tune ringing in your ears every time someone’s visiting!