Dental Emergency: 4 Common Types You Should Know About

Are you wondering what a dental emergency is, or are you seeking ways you could prevent these oral injuries from happening? Then you are going to find this article helpful. Dental emergencies are very common and can happen at any time or place.

Oral injuries can be very stressful and severely threaten your oral health. And if you allow these injuries to linger for long, they could cause more severe problems later. We all need to head to the Noosa emergency dentist from time to time to get the right help for our dental issues. 

Prevention with good teeth hygiene is the best way to preserve oral health. But knowing what to do when these issues occur helps prevent long-term damage. 

So in this article will highlight the most common dental emergencies and what to do if you experience these injuries.

  1. Abscess 

An abscess is a significant oral condition that begins as an infection. It starts in the mouth, especially near the tooth’s root or in the spaces between the teeth and gums. If left untreated, this disease can damage the tissues surrounding your teeth and spread to other areas of the body.

If you ever notice a painful swelling around your gum area around the size of a pimple. Then you should contact your emergency dentist immediately to avoid worse dental problems. 

You may be able to ease the pain by applying ice to the swollen area or by rinsing your mouth with salt water to draw out some of the bacteria. You can repeat these till you can visit the doctor.

  1. Toothache

Pain in the tooth is never a good sign. It is a sign of several oral conditions like tooth decay. Some toothaches can be managed without emergency treatment. In contrast, those pains accompanied by other symptoms require urgent attention.

If you are experiencing toothaches, consider rinsing your mouth with warm water or applying a cold compress on your cheek to ease the pain. Contact your doctor if you feel these solutions aren’t working. 

Never settle for over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin unless your doctor prescribes them. When these painkillers come in contact with the affected gum, they can cause burns. 

  1. Dislodged or Broken Teeth
Noosa emergency dentist

This dental emergency occurs when you bite down on something a little bit hard. Or you probably fell down the stairs, crashed your bike, or an endless list of possible incidents. This injury is excruciating and can ruin your perfect smile.

Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a piece of gauze to the teeth to stop the bleeding. Apply a cold compress to the part of your cheek closest to the broken teeth to relieve the pain. 

You should try to reach your dentist at least within 30 -60 minutes of the incident if your teeth were only dislodged, not broken. 

  1. Mouth Sores

Abrasions of braces in the mouth commonly cause Mouth Sores. While it might be easy to handle mouth sores with an antiseptic gel, we’ll suggest that you contact your emergency dentist when this occurs.

Dental sores are usually early signs of gum infections. And you can only get an effective treatment for gum diseases when they are detected early.

Other common dental emergencies include bleeding gum, broken jaws, lost filling or crown, and broken orthodontics. It’s best not to panic when these oral cases happen. Try to give yourself the necessary first aid so you can reach that moment.

However, it would be best if you didn’t take treatment matters into your own hands. Contact your emergency dentist and get the proper help you need.

Top Benefits of Acupuncture for Pain and Stress

There are many people that will swear by acupuncture and that it has helped them successfully deal with any pain or stress that they happen to have in their lives. There are a lot of different ways that acupuncture can help you and if you haven’t used this service before, it is definitely worth considering.

If you are looking for affordable acupuncture in Toowoomba or somewhere closer to where you live, then you are in luck, because there are so many different places to choose from. Also, it is a good idea to check your health insurance as well, because sometimes acupuncture is included, which could mean a reduced price or even no cost to you at all.

So, have a read on below at some of the top benefits of acupuncture to assist in reducing pain and stress:

Reduced Eye Strain

There are a lot of people that spend most of their day staring at a screen, may it be a computer or phone. This can cause a lot of stress on your eyes, and acupuncture can actually help in reducing this.

Acupuncture can help specifically with eye strain that is associated with neck pain. Acupuncture can also assist in a number of other different issues in relation to your eyes as well, like cataracts, colour blindness, long and short sightedness, lazy eye and much more. Here, it is important to talk to a professional and see if they are able to assist with your specific problem.

Less Cigarette Cravings

Acupuncture is actually also known to help combat the cravings for cigarettes that smoke gets on a daily basis. Smoking causing long term damage to your body and can cause things like cancer, which puts a lot of stress on you and your family.

So, if you are thinking about quitting smoking, or tried other methods that just haven’t really worked yet, then you should certainly give acupuncture a try. It is not one of the most typical methods for quitting smoking, but if you have ran out of other options, or want to try something different, then this one is for you.

Reduced Stress

Woman getting acupuncture in Toowoomba

Everybody feels stressed as some point in their lives, and some choose to do something about it while others don’t. Those people who choose to do something about it are more likely to turn to acupuncture now more than ever.

Work tends to be the main trigger for stress and acupuncture is here to help. Acupuncture is known to reduce anxiety levels as well as assist in including your levels of happiness. So, it really looks like a win, win – doesn’t it!

Fewer Headaches

There are a lot of different things that can bring on a headache, may it be not drinking enough fluids, too much screen time, stress or even a hangover. No one likes headaches and while people usually turn to pain relief medication like Panadol, other methods are also available and just as beneficial, like acupuncture.

The practice of acupuncture for reducing headaches has actually been used for thousands of years and many people agree and choose this drug free option. Acupuncture can often give off the sense of true relaxation and euphoria, and when you are more relaxed you are certainly less likely to get a headache.

Mental Clarity

It is easy to get stuck in the fog of the day-to-day and not really thinking about the big picture. This is especially the case when you are dealing with stress, anxiety as well as pain. Acupuncture help you to get a clear head and you can look at things in a different way.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Flu Shot

With more and more people aware and caring about their health these days, it has seen an increase in people getting a flu shot. In this current world climate, it certainly makes sense that you don’t want to get sick and that people are putting in extra measures to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. There are a lot of different reasons why people choose to get a flu shot, and many do so each and every year before flu season is expected to start.

As the demand for flu shots seems to grow each year, more businesses are offering their employees the option to get the shot for free. Corporate flu shots are fairly common these days, and businesses like to offer this to their employees because it shows them that they care, as well as limiting the amount of sick days employees may take throughout the entire year.

There are many reasons and benefits as to why people get a flu shot, so have a read on below to find at more information as to why:

Limits Your Chances Of Getting The Flu

Let’s start with probably the most obvious reason why you should get a flu shot, it really limits your chances of getting sick. While there are a lot of different strains of the flu and cold, you can’t get vaccinated for all of them, so there is still the risk that you could get sick, but it is much, much smaller than those who don’t get the shot. So, if you can’t afford to get sick throughout the year, then your best bet is to get a flu shot.

Needle-Free Options

There is a common phobia of needles that many people have, so this would be the thing that stops them from getting the flu shot. But the good news is these days that there are now a few needle-free options, so there are no excuses! There is a nasal spray that can be given to people, and there is also an intradermal shot, which is a very small needle that most people can’t even feel.

The Mild Side Effects

woman sneezing

It is commonly known that there can be many different side effects after getting an injection. There are not any major side effects that are associated with taking the common flu shot, and if there are side effects they tend to be quite mild and only lasts for a small amount of time, and when you consider the alternative could be getting the actual flu that could last longer than a week, you would probably be better to not take the risk and get the shot.

Updated Flu Shot Each Year

Each year there tends to be new strains of the flu that come into circulation, but the flu shot is also updated each year to ensure it covers all the main strains. There are researchers and scientists that work to predict what the most common strains that are going to occur and they develop the flu shot for those strains in particular.

It Can Save Your Life

While the common flu will just make you feel a bit unwell for a week or two, if you are a healthy person, there are some others that can experience great negative impacts from the flu, even including death. The flu kills a lot of people each year, so this is something that you need to be aware of, and if you are able to get the flu shot, it is probably a good option, even if you are young and healthy.