5 Essential Automotive Workshop Equipment You Need

Automotive workshop equipment are a vital part of any worship, no matter how big or small it is. For optimal productivity in your auto repair shop, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to work with. 

The tools don’t make the man, but the tools are important too. Without them, auto professionals will not be able to perform many tasks as fast as they should. 

However, one of the problems is not knowing which particular set of equipment to use that would complement each other. That’s where we come in. In this article, we will be discussing five essential automotive workshop equipment that you should have in your workshop. Let’s hope into it. 

  1. Vehicle Lift

Lifts are a very important automotive workshop equipment. Every professional who wants to get under the hood of a vehicle needs a lift to do this effectively. It can never really do wrong when you invest in one. 

They relieve the stress of having to slide it crawl under cars to get work done. Additionally, they allow you stay in your most natural position while work is being done. 

There are different types of lifts, suited to meet all your possible needs. Some of them even possess extra safety features to keep you protected. 

When buying one, we advise you look for a brand that is popular in your area so part replacement will not be an issue.

  1. Battery Jumper
essential automotive workshop equipment

Another noteworthy automotive workshop equipment every auto professional should have is a battery jumper. Sometimes, what the vehicles need is a jump start to get most of its problems sorted. 

Essentially, many batteries and even electric related issues can be solved with a battery jumper. Very often your customer wouldn’t know that their vehicle’s battery is where their problem lies. 

  1. Oil Drain and Caddy

Oil drains go hand in hand with caddies, they are needed to perform oil and transmission fluid changes. They come in very handy as the caddy has enough space to contain large volume if fluid. 

Since the vehicle lift us also in this list, we recommend the use of a standing caddy to reach the height of the lift and make the while process easier. 

  1. Engine Hoists

Engine hoists are essential when it comes to dealing with engine related issues. Every professional knows that this equipment makes the herculean task of changing or rebuilding engines very much easier. 

As opposed to a few others on this list, we believe that this automotive workshop equipment are a must-have and should not be taken for granted. 

  1. Tool Box

A tool box might not be a very expensive or complicated piece of equipment. In fact, it technically isn’t an automotive workshop equipment. However, we added to this list because we know how important is in any workshop. 

A good tool box must be large enough to contain all the tools needed. A one stop shop for all the spanners, screwdriver, wrenches and bolts available at your beck and call. 

Additionally, its organization should be good enough so things don’t get so messed up in there. They also help increase the lifespan of the tools as they protect them from unnecessary wear and tear. 

Finally, an auto shop is not really complete without an adequate automotive workshop equipment. Productivity and customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without these tools. That’s why we made thus article for you. Thank you.