List of Scaffold Suppliers And Their Popular Products

Scaffolds are temporary structures that are built to assist in the construction process. Construction workers create these structures with wood, steel, or even aluminum to elevate and support themselves while repairing, building, or cleaning a structure. The size and length of the scaffold and the material used depends on the structure that is being worked upon. A scaffold can be either interior or exterior, rolling or suspended or supportive. They are an essential part of the construction industry as they primarily ensure the safety of the workers.

Types of Scaffolding

  1. Putlog Scaffolds
    Use walls being built as a support for the putlog and the outer scaffold deck
  2. Independent Tied Scaffolds
    Independent scaffolding relies on two lines of standards to support the working deck, not the wall of the building
  3. Free-Standing Scaffolds
    It stands on its own, without attaching to other structures for stability. Usually resemble two towers that can be moved and resituated as needed
  4. Slung Scaffolds
    Hang down from an overhead structure or device. They are hard to resituate.
  5. Suspended Scaffolds
    Suspended from an overhead structure or device and can be lowered and raised with ropes

Scaffold Suppliers- Exporters:

The following list deals with trusted scaffolding suppliers who export their products:

  1. Meyer Freight, Bermuda
    Specializes in exhibition equipment, flooring structures and scaffolding
  2. Krystal Logistics, Miami
    Primarily exports scaffolding structures
  3. Savino Del Bene, Ilenoise
    Reliable and trusted for their scaffolding materials
  4. ECU Worldwide, Florida
    Provides equipment for propping, shuttering and scaffolding
  5. Carotrans International INC, Houston
    Specializes in Steel scaffolding
  6. ITN consolidators INC, Florida
    Deals with pallet wood construction supplies
  7. DCMA Soldier SYS and CAP, Phoenix
    Sells prefabricated structures and scaffolding

Largest Scaffold Suppliers


The following list deals with the largest scaffolding suppliers, but some may also export their products:

Brock Group- $1.2 Billion annual revenue

Supplies scaffolding, insulation, fireproofing, and coatings. They have over 65 locations in North America and Europe. They also deal with oil and gas refining and pharmaceuticals.

Rothe Welding- $23.5 million annual revenue

Prominent for providing scaffolding for the Washington Monument, Madison Square Garden and the Rhinecliff Bridge over the Hudson. They also deal in plates, bases and ductwork besides scaffolding.SafeWorks LLC- $20 million annual revenue

Working since 1947, they have been providing scaffolding, baskets, rigging services and suspended platforms for over 7 decades.

Service Scaffold Co.- $18.3 million annual revenue

A family owned group that specializes in construction work including supplying scaffolds to all sorts of home construction material toNew York’s Tri-State Area

Kee Safety- $15.7 million annual revenue

Priding themselves in ensuring safety during construction, they provide fall prevention equipment, perimeter protection, scaffolding, railing and barriers. They have been the prominent supplier for schools, hospitals, stadiums and other large scale public infrastructure

White Cap Construction Supply- $13.5 million annual revenue

With over 220 locations nationwide, they offer more than 100,000 products, including scaffolding. They specifically provide products for safe constructions of concrete structures.

Atlantic Equipment- $12.7 million annual revenue

Based in New York, Florida and New England, they supply power tools, safety equipment and scaffolding to construction companies and the roofing industry

US Lumber- $11.5 million annual revenue

From supplying lumber for decking, doors, ceilings and scaffolding, this family owned company provides over 10,000 items to its customers

ScaffoldMart- $11 million annual revenue

Over 30,000 to 40,000 scaffold frames are provided by this ingenious online supplier

York Ladder- $10.7 million annual revenue

Works primarily in New York City and provides scaffolds, rolling and suspended, to engineers, construction companies, and home builders.

All of these companies provide reliable, safe scaffolding for the construction industry.