Basics of Horse Race Betting

Basics of horse race betting:

The fact is the interest in people regarding horse racing is dwindling by the day. There’s only one per cent of people who are genuinely passionate about this sport – the rest are out there for the second and only thing – betting. In fact, it’s being said that betting is what is keeping horse racing alive! So to those who are looking forward to placing bets in top derby events, here’s an insight into the basics:


Learn the types of Horse racing:
You need to get your concepts clear before you begin betting and this starts with learning the kinds of horse races. There are six types of racing, and if not in detail, you should at least know a little about each type.

  • Flat racing
  • Jump racing
  • Steeple-chasing
  • Endurance racing
  • Quarter horse racing
  • Harness racing

Having enough information about these types will aid you in knowing where and when to place your bets.


Brush up with Horse racing jargon:
Getting to know the various terminologies used in horse racing will definitely help you in the long run. This will immensely help you when you have to place bets on races. So acquaint yourself with the commonly used jargon.


Essential rules:
The secret to becoming successful at betting lies in three golden rules:

  • Learn to handle your money carefully
  • Understand the value of the bet
  • And systematically scrutinise the bet before placing it.
  • If you fix these three rules in your mind, you’re good to go, and betting will fetch you returns too.


A few tips:
As a beginner, you need to be cautious and careful with everything. Getting swayed isn’t going to help you. So keep these few tips in mind:

  • Watch and understand races
  • Start with smaller bets
  • Don’t bet on every race.
  • After a while, begin betting online.
  • Fix an amount for betting, and you’ll be in the safe zone.


Types of betting:
You should also be well-versed with the types of betting. Betting is categorized into three categories:

Fixed odds betting:
The most popular form of betting which allows you to place bets at specified odds. If your wager wins, you get paid and if it loses your book marker gets to keep the amount.


Tote Betting:
With no involvement of odds, payouts in tote betting are based on the amount wagered on the entire race, and also on how many people picked the winning horse.

Exchange betting:
There is no involvement of a bookmarker here – you can directly place bets with other individuals.

Hope we got you acquainted with a few basics!